What is a Health Coach?

I know some of y’all may be thinking, What the heck is a Health Coach? And do I really need one? Only you can answer that, but let me help you consider working with a Coach.
Have you repeatedly set out to make positive, health focused changes in your life only to be meant with resistance? Are you not sure where or how to get started?

Let’s unpack some of the ways a Health Coach can help you and your family achieve bigger goals and build new, sustainable habits!

First let’s define Health. Wholeness. A state of complete physical being, mental and social well-being; not just the absence of disease. Health happens where we live, where we work, where we play, where we eat. Health is a vehicle. Health is a DAILY PRACTICE. Health is not a final destination, or the end of a 2 week juice cleanse!

A healthy life includes nourishment, love, a spiritual practice, an inspiring career or strong purpose, physical activity you enjoy and great relationships. When all of these sectors of your life are full. You will thrive!!

You can drink all the green juice in the world, but if you are miserable doing so, you won’t achieve wholeness or health!

Nutrition is not an isolated part of your health. What you consume and absorb on a regular basis plays a big role on your physical and spiritual well being. Together we will take a holistic view of all areas of your life, including relationships, sleep patterns, stress level, current diet, movement and overall satisfaction

As your Health Coach I will be your guide and your accountability partner. I will empower you to take action using small attainable steps that are meaningful to your journey. Whether you are struggling with weight management or sugar cravings, stress or digestion, sleep or afternoon energy slumps we will uncover the Why and create positive changes!

You will enjoy the process! Perfection isn’t the goal. First of all perfection is subjective and second of all it’s limiting. I will support you to make sustainable lifestyle changes, you will grow to love. My approach is fun, enjoyable and easily integrated into your life. I’m a big-time foodie so don’t expect any hard core juice cleanse recommendations over here!   

I use a customized approach to guide you towards integrating healthy habits and self care into your life while keeping it fun, do-able and authentic to your personal needs.

We will define your stress factors, defy negative self talk,
and create a step-by-step plan to work towards your wellness journey. It’s all about creating a healthy lifestyle you will follow forever!!

You won’t find a one size fits all fitness regimen coupled with a rigid meal “prescription”. Meal plans don’t account for real life. We all have different schedules, different goals, different eating windows, different meal times. Instead we will find a food ritual that works for your lifestyle, time allowance and skill set.

We will talk about time management, your non-negotiable priorities + work on limiting clutter & distractions that are pulling you away from meeting your goals.

If you are ready to make real changes in your life and learn how to reach YOUR goals, let’s start with a complimentary Health Consultation

During our 45 minute visit we will chat about your current health, your goals, what’s currently working in your life, and what’s not. From there we come up with a sustainable health plan that will work for your lifestyle.   
It’s more than simply following a meal plan or a generic exercise program! We won’t count calories or weigh your food. It’s all about learning to eat intuitively and finding foods that make you feel amazing! {Which is different for everyone!}

Right now I offer 30 day, and 60 day support where we check in weekly in person or via phone and make positive changes to your diet and personal life.

Your next step is to schedule your Health History session. This 45-minute, confidential session is available in-person or via phone. Send me an email to get started hello@happydinneratx.com

Cheers to living great y’all! I hope to educate and enchant my clients to eat healthfully and mindfully. To nourish their bodies and minds and help others do the same!

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