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I’m so glad you are here! I’ve created this space to champion the notion that It is possible to nourish your family with real, whole, living food AND it can be FUN!

My daughter, Zia came up with our family meal mantra “Happy Dinner”. When Zia was two years old, she looked up at us from her high chair and excitedly said “Happy Dinner”. Now it’s our family ritual we say before nearly every meal. Since having children, we’ve made it a priority to have a family dinner at the table– {80%of the time}. I didn’t realize how rare it was becoming until the summer of 2018. After a summer of traveling with our kids who were five & three years old at the time, I noticed that culturally it was becoming way too common to order chicken nuggets and fries with an iPad on the side!! As a parent and a guide for the next generation, I knew we could do a better job of teaching our children to be an active member of the table at meal time and to eat a balanced, nourishing meal!

I was inspired to start my Instagram page @happydinneratx in August of 2018 in effort to share tactics of how we as parents can nourish ourselves and our families better together. Since then, I’ve been actively trying to entice and excite readers to make healthy lifestyle choices. The passion I felt for sharing information led me to get my Holistic Health Coaching certification through Integrative Institute of Nutrition. My goal is to guide families toward optimal health, once client at a time.

Healthy Living is a Journey, Not a Destination. Let’s find a path that works for you!


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Welcome to Happy Dinner! Iโ€™m Cortney, a Holistic Health Coach, wellness entrepreneur, wife and Mama of two, here to make holistic health simple and engaging!

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