The Magic of Beans!

PaleOMG Lentil Tabbouleh
Lentil Tabbouleh by PaleOMG

Are beans a staple in your diet? Beans have had a vacancy in my diet for years. After joining the Whole 30 craze in 2012 and living a Paleo-ish lifestyle since then, I haven’t eaten beans in quite sometime. I’d maybe eat beans 2-3 times per year while in Mexico/Belize or a Fajita BBQ with friends but certainly not daily…or even weekly.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about The Bean Protocol by Karen Hurd and it got me thinking about adding beans into my life! I recently listened to this podcast favoring the protocol Here as well as an opposing view Here.

I read THIS article, detailing PaleOMG’s positive experience on the protocol, and I got really curious!!

The Bean Protocol is designed to help the liver detox and heal the body from a range of ailments, including infertility, inflammation, digestive issues, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and more. The two ailments that caught my attention are endometriosis and high cholesterol. I’ve had Endo for years and my crampy/bloaty/moody symptoms vary based on my stress level and my sugar intake. Corona has seemed to make them worse!

My high cholesterol is a new phenom that I’m working on treating naturally and open to trying anything that fits the natural/holistic lens.

In a nut shell, the bean protocol is all about flushing the toxins out of the body {literally!} through soluble fiber so your body can thrive! Are beans the only pathway towards soluable fiber? No– but apparently they have the highest concentration.

According to Karen, the only way our liver can properly remove the toxic bile from the body is through soluble fiber. “The chemical composition of soluble fiber attracts and attaches to the chemical composition of bile that houses all the excess metals, toxins, and hormones from our body”.

While I’m not interested in doing the full bean protocol, I’m dipping my toe into the notion, and aiming to incorporate more soluble fiber into our diet!!
**I’m also leaning in to adding Psyllium husk powder to my smoothie as well!

Here are the bean & fiber fueled recipes we’ve been enjoying lately!!

Taco Pasta Salad by PaleOMG

PaleOMG Taco Pasta Salad
Taco Pasta Salad by PaleOMG

We LOVED this recipe! It’s so versatile, and you can easily make it your own! Zander enjoyed his version wrapped in a Siete Taco Shell. Zia and I enjoyed ours in a heaping bowl! We used ground turkey & Quinoa Pasta by Andean Dream

Sweet Potato Toast With Mediterranean Salsa

sweet potato toasts

I love me some sweet potato toast! I’m usually an Avo kinda girl, but this rosemary white bean spread is giving my avocados a run for their money! I could literally eat the creamy bean based spread with a spoon!
**The Med Salsa is something special too! I plan to use the extra as a salad topper next week!

If it’s Italian you fancy–let this lentil dish surprise you! This Lentil Bolognese is so yummy over zoodles or your favorite pasta! Lentils are a great protein source and easy to digest. Half a cup will get you 20 grams of protein, plus fiber & iron! Speaking of lentils, I’m equally excited about these vegan lentil meatballs by Well + Good!

Greek Veggie ChickPea Meatballs by Cook Nourish Bliss

An overhead view of Greek Vegetarian Meatballs on a white platter with pita bread to the side.

I’m so excited to have these veggie meatballs on the rotation. Protein packed and freezer friendly, they’re made with chickpeas, walnuts, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes. (And Dairy free and gluten free!!)
Add them to your veggie/grain bowl, or use as a Greek salad topper

Mango Ginger Rice Bowl by Love & Lemons

Black beans and rice bowl

How gorgeous is this colorful, rice bowl!! It’s delicious, light, slightly sweet and easy to whip up in a flash! That’s what is so nice about plant based meals!! They are ready so quickly!!!

Jeanine has 25 lovely Bean Based recipes if you are in need of nourishing, quick & easy, week night dinners. BONUS–they are all plant powered!

Spinach Artichoke Pizza–Oh My!

Spinach Artichoke Pizza with white bean sauce

This light and creamy pizza speaks my love language!! Artichokes and Pesto are right up there with avocado on my favorite food list!! If you are in the same boat, make this green pizza ASAP! I use the ready made cauliflower crust by CAULIPOWER for ours. Saves time and it’s gluten free!!

I hope you find these recipes inspiring and inviting! As always, let me know if I can help with your meal planning needs! 😉

Happy Dinner!

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