Riding into 2021 with Excitement & JOY

Happy New Year!! New beginnings get me excited. There is a thrill that comes over me whether I’m starting a new project, testing a new recipe, health coaching a brand new client, trying a new restaurant, traveling to a new destination or embarking on a brand new year.
The curiosity just makes me HAPPY!

I’m generally excited about the possibility something new can bring. Finding joy in a new journey is the spice of life in my world.

Over the past two months, I’ve made time and space for rest, an unhurried holiday season, and savoring small moments with my family & friends. I learned this year, I simply cannot be in motion all the time. Before 2020 I had the tendency to overextend myself in a manic way. But I’ve noticed, true progress requires stepping back and stepping away from “doing” and being. So now that I’ve rested, I’m headed into 2021 recharged and with feelings of hope.

In fact, my experience with slowing down lately and appreciating what is, transformed my perspective and lead me to choose the wordSAVOR” as my intention for 2021.

I want to savor our family and friends and be thankful for what we are today—. I want to relish in our friendships and plan time to connect. I want to savor our home and make it feel cozy, and inviting!

As a recovering perfectionist this all takes work for me. I tend to wait for the “perfect” moment, or until the house looks “perfect” or until I feel “perfect” or energized enough to connect…. Can you relate? I vow to quit postponing Joy for a perfect moment in the future so I can savor my life!

I want to savor and prioritize our health, I want to savor the joy of movement and having fun 🤩. I want to find the joy in cooking in our kitchen with music, love, and intention as much as possible. I want to have good ole fashion fun!!

What about you? What intention speaks to you this New Year?!

Let’s Create The 2021 You Want To Live

How? Start with being honest with yourself. DO YOU

Step 1

Look internally and go after what speaks to your heart & soul for this new year. When you take the time to recognize the things that feed your energy (your soul) you can be intentional about weaving them into your day, your week, and your year!

  • What lessons did you learn this year? 
  • What drained you this year? This notion doesn’t have to be negative. Simply recognize draining tasks or obligations so you can re-direct or better balance those draining moments of the day with joyful moments?
  • What energized & motivated you this year? How can you build these components into your everyday moving forward.
  • When you are standing in Dec. 2021 what do you want to look back and remember about your year? 

Need a coach to talk you through these?! I can help! 🙂

Step 2: Be realistic about what is actually achievable given your lifestyle and give yourself grace

Change the word resolutions to intentions—intentions are consciously made and are something you can remind yourself of daily. Remind yourself “Why” this intention is important to you now and post it somewhere you can see it daily! At the end of each day ask yourself if you reached or lived your intention? If not–that’s ok. Don’t throw in the towel because it wasn’t “perfect”. Remember–You can start again tomorrow

This is real life and we are after progress–not perfection!

By taking baby steps and leaning in to healthy habits, especially with they are new, you are building a strong healthy foundation you can sustain for the entire year, and even build upon!! For example–It is much better to become really good at cooking three healthy dinners per week and be able to sustain that for several months, then to go on a quest of cooking every single meal at home and only sustain it for one week. See the difference?

Step 3: Start a gratitude Journal Practice.

Write out at least three things every day that make you smile.

When you focus on the good–the good gets better.
Find a coach, accountability partner, friend or support system that will keep you motivated, engaged and excited about your intention for 2021! Let’s do this y’all!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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