My Top 10 Tips For Healthy Living

You can have all the money in the world, but with out health it means nothing. To Enjoy every ounce of life you need to feel well. Eating well and Loving well will lead you to Living The Good Life!

Eat Well, Live Well

It’s all about adding nourishing, nutrient dense foods as opposed to subtracting, and focusing on what you shouldn’t eat. 

While Bio-individuality {Bio-individuality means that no one diet works for everyone}. plays a big role in what dietary principles work for our own body, here are my Top Ten Guidelines that I try to live by as much as possible.

When I sprinkle these 10 tips into my lifestyle–I feel so happy and energized!!

1. Drink Water

Drink half your weight in ounces every single day! Add lemon, lime, cucumber or mint to elevate the taste!

2. Eat Real Food You Love

Life is too short to eat food you don’t love. Aim to find the joy in eating food both your body and your taste buds love. If your “healthy” meals are not also delicious, you simply won’t be satisfied. Who wants to live that way? It is totally possible (and easy) to eat meals that are both delicious and good for you!

Having trouble finding meals that are healthy and delicious? Let me help you design a meal plan that your body and your taste buds will love! Send me a note 🙂

3. Eat Seasonal Veggies

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Veggies should fill half you plate at every meal! Aim for 5-7 servings per day. Reach for diversity. The more variety you consume, the more nutrients you are fueling your body with and the better your gut health will be.
You can easily pack 5 veggies in a smoothie or mixed salad, right? Herbs count too!!

4. Balance Blood Sugar

It’s no secret that processed food isn’t good for us. The real problem comes from how these “fake ingredients” spike our blood sugar. To balance your blood sugar simply replace refined carbs with real food— fiber rich veggies and fruits to be specific!

Fresh examples of a balanced meal

  1. Wild salmon, brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes cooked in EVOO.
  2. Coconut Yogurt with berries and chia seeds. 
  3. A smoothie that contains fiber, fat, plants and protein like one of these

5. Read Labels!

If you are not already in the habit of flipping every box or bottle, get into it! If you don’t recognize an ingredient, it’s probably not real food!! Be on the look out for sugar, processed oil like canola, soy and sunflower and fillers! As a general rule, avoid anything with more than Ten ingredients and/or 10 g of sugar per serving. Don’t let labels like Gluten Free, Natural, or Organic fool you.

6. Develop A Sleep Routine

When you rest your body is healing. Sleep is incredibly important to all bodily functions including digestion, your hormones, mood, energy levels, cognitive function, immunity, and your bodies ability to repair itself.
*Read more about improving your sleep routine here!

7. Plan For The Day–Plan For The Week

Diabetes Meal Planning | Eat Well with Diabetes | CDC

Prepare veggies, snacks and meals so you can set yourself up for success! Think about your day, your goals, your obligations and how meals can and should fit in to your schedule. Plan for solutions–like crock pot tacos–for busy days so you aren’t starving, eating a box of crackers over the sink at 5:00p.

If meal planning is something you consistently struggle with, I’d LOVE to help you set a plan in motion that works with your lifestyle!

8. Reduce Stress & inflammation

Stress messes with your hormones, your sleep, your digestion, your mental health and your life! Struggling with stress? Try meditation, self care, forest bathing, painting, connecting with friends or most importantly find a licensed professional who can help you!

Foods you can use to support inflammation:
1. Polyphenols: Think berries & red wine!
2. Vitamin C rich foods like citrus and bell peppers calm the immune system and reduce inflammatory symptoms
3. EVOO: Think Mediterranean Diet
4. Tumeric: a star at helping with joint pain the same way anti-inflammatory drugs do. Add a teaspoon to steamed almond milk and sip before bed or add it to your chicken and turkey dishes. 
5. Magnesium Rich Tart Cherry Juice–has been proven to lower aches and pains and help with sleep! Drink it with a splash of Topo Chico and a squeeze of lime for a yummy mocktail!
5. Cinnamon:: Simply add it to you coffee, tea, paleo pancakes, oatmeal or baked goods!

9. Move Your Body

20+ Yoga Pictures [HQ] | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Moving my body is my personal favorite wellness hack!! Find your flow y’all and stick to it! Yoga, pilates, running, spin class, hiking with a friend. Schedule whatever movement style makes you happy and do it for at least 30 minutes every single day!

10. Surround Yourself With Positive Vibes

My bestie & I post yoga enjoying brunch!

Good friends are good for your health! Surround yourself with people who lift you up, push you toward your best life and give you full permission to be yourself!

Let’s find your version of happy & healthy and make it feel like second nature! Healthy living is a journey, not a destination. Let’s find the path that works for you!

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