My Favorite Ways To Sweat!

Blissful Run on Lady Bird Lake

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life! I SIMPLY CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT. Anyone else? A work out rarely feels like a chore to me, and I’m always up for squeezing in a sweat session with friends. Man I miss working out with friends!!!

After taking time for myself, I’m so much happier. A much better wife, mama and friend! Just ask my tribe :).

I know I’m not the only one who loves that “runner’s high”. CNN reports that, when you’re working out, your brain increases the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and norepinephrine, both of which work to send messages of well-being and happiness throughout your nervous system. These mood enhancing chemicals stick around in your brain for a couple hours post workout and even work to positively change the structure and function of your brain over time! We can all cheers to that!

What type of workout is best? The one you enjoy! The workout you will look forward to on a regular basis.

Still looking for a workout to love?
Bored of your current routine?
Keep reading for my a list of my favorite ways to sweat. Most def my saving grace during quarantine!!

Spin Class

This has been my ride or die favorite workout for ten+ years!! I had two c-sections, and after my first surgery, cycling was the only workout that felt good in my body. I completely fell in love, and looked forward to 45 minutes to myself in an uber dark room, surrounded by loud music and endorphins. Now that live spin classes around the globe have come to a screeching halt, I’ve been relying on my Peloton. The class quality is top notch and totally parallels a real life class in so many ways. If you don’t have an actual Peloton, you can still partake in their classes via the Peloton app on any spin bike!

barre 3

I found barre 3 when I was pregnant with my first baby in 2012. A friend invited me to a Bump Club/Prenatal class, so I waddled in to the barre. I instantly fell in love with the full body workout, the positive energy, the music and the community! barre 3 served me thru two pregnancy’s, my postpartum days and I still love the full body workout, EIGHT years later! Thankfully barre 3 Austin Four Points moved literally 10 minutes!! It’s one of my happy places. While studio classes aren’t an option right now, the LIVESTREAM Zoom classes are amazing!! THANK YOU! Sarah & Janet!!!! If you haven’t given barre 3 a try, DO IT! Your first class is free and they have barre 3 online classes as well!

Pure Pilates Austin

Looking for a MEGA core burner? Give the Lagree method at Pure Pilates Austin a try! They have a cult like following and you’ll soon understand why. I can’t believe how well the instructor cues can mimic the mega former with only the use of a yoga mat and paper plates! I try to take the LIVE donation based class on Instagram every Saturday morning!!

TruFusion South Austin

The Tru Tribe is amazing! If you are looking to mix up your quarantine workout head on over to their YouTube page. They produce an epic mix of HIIT, Pilates, yoga and barre every single day! All donation based. The play lists are energizing and the instructors are so inspiring. I promise you will be moved to MOVE!

A Good ole Fashion Run, Walk or Hike

Need a break from technology and all the noise at home?! I know I do! That’s when I head outside for some fresh air and run, walk or hike in the sunshine. No rules. No equipment required. Thankfully Austin has a plethora of trails and open spaces to be in nature. Lady Bird Lake and our neighborhood hiking trail are my favorites. What’s yours?!~

Amber Dodzeit Riposta

If you are looking for weight training inspo, head to Amber’s IG page. I’ve been a subscriber for years and I’ve learned so many innovative weight training workouts! Weight training isn’t my favorite form of exercise so I really need to have an inspiring set to keep me motivated!

Yoga: Finding your zen and flow at home

Yoga used to be my favorite way to move and breathe. I’ve gotten out of the habit of a consistent yoga practice, but when I’m in need of a good flow and fascia release I have a few favorites to share!! The sites below all have a free trial!

As for LIVESTREAM classes, Wanderlust Yoga is one of my fav local studios. Ferny’s Soul Sunday class has been just what I’ve needed!



Core Power On Demand


I’m so thankful for what exercise does for my mood, my piece of mind, and overall health! Movement brings me so much joy!

A challenging workout coupled with hydration, a good sleep routine, eating well and fulfilling relationships are the cornerstones of a happy life!

Happy Friday!! How do you plan to move this weekend?!

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