My Favorite Healthy Date Night Restaurants in Austin

Otoko Austin

Y’all know I LOVE good food, so it’s no surprise that one of my favorite hobbies is going out to eat :). I think I missed my calling as a professional foodie!!

What’s even better is when you can enjoy a fabulous meal out, feel indulgent but keep your fitness goals on track.
The date night restaurants I gravitate towards serve fresh, local {love farm to table) unprocessed, mostly gluten free options. I love knowing that date night won’t totally derail my health focused progress at home!

Austin, Texas really has some of the best culinary experiences in the country, so there is no shortage of new menus to try!! (Yay!). Thankfully my husband and my kids are good sports, and basically let me drag them anywhere! The dining experience is usually SO worth it, so they should thank me, right?

I love experiencing the unique vibe of a restaurant, especially if it’s cohesive with the menu and overall experience. {Ah Sing Den & Eden East–I’m looking at you!}. I’m always thrilled to see what’s on the menu and experience unique infusions. I find this so inspiring and eight times out of ten I try to recreate my favorite dishes from date night at home!!!!

I get a text message weekly asking for recommendations for date night, so I thought this topic was totally worth a blog post. Especially before Valentines Day!

Thanks for the inspiration–friends!!. Without further ado, here are my favorite date night restaurants in ATX!

Le Politique

Le Politique

We actually love Le Politique for a day date, but it’s delicious for a dinner as well! It’s Parisian chic and has a casual, Austin-y vibe that we enjoy! We skip the main dining room and prefer to sit near the gorgeous marble bar. It’s seriously one of the prettiest bars in downtown and the evening lighting lends itself to an intimate meal. We always start with a butter leaf salad, oysters and sparkling rose! For my dinner meal, I get the mussels or steak {see mouth watering photo above!} and Max usually goes for the duck! Super healthy and delicious!

Here we are on a fun summer day date, post Love Cycle spin class! Oh and here we are again, same story–different day! (ha). Here we are for a dinner date. Safe to say it’s a fav!
I love how the menu is made of local ingredients and served by the friendliest staff!

June’s All day is another date night favorite with a similar laid back, intimately French vibe!
We love sitting on the patio and people watching on South Congress! Order the Boston Lettuce Salad, {MY FAVORITE SALAD IN TOWN!} and a glass of June’s rose’! It’s everything!!! I also love the Snapper Carpaccio. Max loves the June’s Charbroiled Burger (sans bun), and I have to admit it’s magical.. And I’m not even a burger person!

Eden East

5. Eden East

A True Farm To Table Experience! Eden East is a Five acre family farm that grows and serves their very own produce and herbs. For meats and proteins, they source from local family-owned farms. They offer pre-fixed dinners, under the glorious Live Oak Trees by reservation. The ever changing menu is based on what is fresh and in season! Eden East is also BYOB. So if you have a fancy wine bottle you’ve been saving, here’s the perfect opportunity to cork it!


Run, don’t walk to Comedor!! It’s like a flavor explosion in your mouth!! We sat on the outdoor patio and enjoyed the chicken liver churro & bone marrow tacos! I’m still dreaming about the bone marrow tacos and I can’t wait to go back! It’s really my favorite date night right now! Take a look at this tasty, nutrient dense meal!

Bone Marrow Tacos at Comedor

El Naranjo

El Naranjo

If you are in the mood for a casual margarita and a yummy gluten free meal, head over to El Naranjo. You can feel the chefs’ passion for creating fresh and delicious meals! Nearly every item on the menu is house made, and the unique flavors pair perfectly every time. The menu changes frequently, so it’s like a new experience each time you visit!

The Sweet Life Margarita {made of all fresh ingredients!) is something special! Even Max, who’s not really a margarita drinker will have one! Head to El Naranjo for a spring or summer date when there is plenty of sunlight in the evening!!

Along this same vein, I also really love Suerte. We love the magical Brisket Tacos, the Kale Tostada and the Carne Asada!! Make a reservation, sit by your sweetie and savor this next level healthy Mexican food, while sipping a Nada Paloma!!!

ATX Cocina is another favorite! The entire restaurant is gluten free, so that’s already a win in my book. They focus on natural and clean ingredients extends from the cuisine to the bar. Which features organic, curated tequilas and mezcals sourced from Mexico, producing delicious hand-shaken margaritas. It’s a lively place so if you are in a social mood–this is your spot!!! I actually think it’s best suited for a double or triple date!

Ah Sing Den

Ah Sing Den

We went to Ah Sing Den for our first time last spring to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. We loved the vibe, loved the food and had an amazing time together. The signature cocktails are tres unique (I like the Long Time Lychee) and the dinner menu is to die for. I’m a big fan of the steamed bok choy and the veggie house made dumplings!
I’m dying to go back for High Tea on Sunday. I’ve heard it’s a unique experience!

If you are feeling the Thai vibe, we also really love Sway. Literally the entire menu is good. You can’t go wrong! We prefer the sleepy Sway Domain location. It’s always easy to make a rez, easy to park and you can shop or grab a cocktail afterward! Start with the oysters with crispy shallots! So good!!!
Sway Domain is also surprisingly easy to take your kids to. We dine there as a family often!

Mattie’s Austin

Head upstairs with your sweetie and hang in the lounge pre-dinner. The masculine energy has a sexy vibe, perfect for date night! Order a 1965 Milk Punch, the famous drink Mattie’s is known for and has been dazzling diners with for decades. If Milk Punch isn’t your thing {it’s not really mine}? Get the Kir Royale Highball! It’s my favorite. For your meal, start with the rainbow carrots, the beet salad and splurge on their famous buttermilk biscuits! You can easily share one! For my meal I usually order the Red Fish. But they always have amazing specials so I tend to lean that way!

We also love taking the kids to Mattie’s in spring. We enjoy a slow meal on the wrap around patio while gazing at the peacocks and listening to music! The experience will bring you back in time.

Vixen’s Wedding

Vixen's Wedding. Fish Feast001.jpg
Photo by Vixen’s Wedding

“A Vixen’s Wedding is folkloric name describing a sun shower, often leading to a rainbow. It is based on a Portuguese parable about star-crossed lovers (a fox and a wolf) who chose both rain and sun on their wedding day, bringing forth merriment and good fortune” .

Can you think of a better sentiment for date night! I was a wedding planner here in Austin for 7 years, and I can tell your first hand that weddings with a little rain are pure magic.

But moving on…the food at Vixen’s Wedding is bright, flavorful & unique! The culmination of spices inspired by Goa, India & Portugal will excite your taste buds. We love sharing the whole roasted fish + the tortured beets. The house made Tumeric sourdough and seasonal spreads is not to be missed!!

The Peacock in Austin Proper has a similar flavor profile! We recently went with the kids for a family brunch, but I’m dying to go back for date night! The bar looks dreamy! I can’t wait to get lost in conversation perched on a stool among that divine interior design.

Image result for The Peacock austin


Saved the best for last!! Let’s get real, Otoko is not really a date night place, it’s more of a once in a lifetime place. It’s been my 2nd favorite culinary adventure to date!! {My very favorite was in Positano, Italy so that’s saying a lot!}.

The intimately laid out restaurant only seats 12 patrons at a time, and the amazingly talented chefs’ lead you through a multi-course omakase experience. You get to watch them artfully prepare every single item they serve you! Our entire 12 course meal was comprised of fresh veggies, clean protein {mostly fish!} with a little bit of rice! Totally healthy!!!

If you are an Old Fashion fan, the house sesame infused version is not to be missed!

You have to make a reservation months in advance and it’s VERY expensive. We were celebrating a big promotion and 40 years so we had to GO BIG!

We also love Uchi & Jeffrey’s for big birthdays or fancy celebrations!

My favorite date night spots tend to change as Austin chefs’ keep elevating the restaurant game in this town Every Single Month! {YES!}.

Where are your favorite healthy, date night spots? I’d love to know! If you enjoyed this post, please share it with a friend! XOXO

If day dates are more your style, read my Austin Mom’s post about The Best Day Dates!

Happy Dating!! 🙂

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