My Current Obsession: Lemon Leggings

If you follow me on Instagram, you noticed my new found love for Pineapple Clothing. Zia and I simply adore our matching lemon leggings 🍋! We slide them on and are immediately induced into happy smiles from ear to ear! Zia can’t wait to rock her new lemon look for “Back to School”!

Y’all know I basically live in athletic wear around here. I’ve done extensive research on finding the most durable, comfortable and confidence boosting ensembles. To pass my recommendation TEST, leggings must be comfortable and feel soft to the touch. They must fit exceptionally well!! No one wants to wear leggings that slide down mid workout!! They have to be durable, fade resistant and still look great after 30 washes! They have to be unique, fun and stylish… Because–Let’s be honest leggings are my “real clothes most days!!

Most importantly–athletic wear must pass the sweat test. Meaning, you can take a fitness class, get sweaty, and then go about your day without feeling like you are wearing a wet swimsuit!! (I’ve been there!!).

I’m happy to report this Happy Pineapple lemon legging + sports bra combo passed the #allday wear test! I took a hot Pilates/barre class in the AM, was completely drenched in sweat, then totally dry 15 minutes later. I was able to go about my day without changing!! Love ❤️that!

How Happy is this fun lemon pattern?!

Plus I get to #twin with my #mini which we both love 💕! I’m holding on to twinning with little Zia for as long as I can y’all!!

If you are interested in trying out a pair for yourself or your girls, head over to Pineapple Clothing and use my 20% off coupon code corzie 🎉.
I have my eye on “Oopsy Daisy Lucy” leggings for Zia and I next!

Oopsy Daisy Lucy Black Floral Performance Leggings  Available here: Get 20% off with code: IVATAB

Don’t forget to enjoy your green smoothie today, while you are at it! I usually make my own smoothies, but since I was out and about I treated myself to the I Dream Of Jeanie from Juiceland! It’s made with HEMP MILK, PEACH, BANANA, AVOCADO, KALE, SPINACH, PARSLEY, CUCUMBER, CELERY, & SPIRULINA. I add Collagen Peptides for protein, and Bee Pollen for TX allergies to round out an amazing meal in a cup!!

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