Kid Friendly Breakfast Recipe’s with Sneaky Greens

We are coming off Halloween + a three day weekend over here! The sugar consumption has been at an all time high in our household, and it’s time to reign it in before the holiday season! Are you with me?? If you are in the same boat and thinking about how you can entice your family to increase their vegetable intake at breakfast, keep reading. I promise I’m not proposing to live on green juice + green smoothie’s! {Although that sounds pretty awesome to me right about now! Not sure anyone else in my family would agree though! ha}. 

Getting our kids to eat well in the early morning can be a struggle, Right? As much as I’d love for my five and six year old children to crave vegetables, as I do, it just hasn’t happened yet!
However, since nourishing my kiddos with good quality, fresh food is high on my priority list. I haven’t given up!! I’ve come to rely on sneaking veggies, without mention or warning, right into our baked goods, and meals. I have a few tried and true recipes in my “tool-kit” that are easy, delicious, low mess, and sneak in super foods like veggies and protein! My daughter Zia has an affinity for sugar, and is a pretty tough critic. When I’ve won her over I consider it a huge victory! {Hallelujah!!}

Wholesome, tender, and so delicious, One-Bowl Carrot Cake Muffins are naturally sweetened and full of all the good stuff. Grab a bowl and make these for a grab-and-go breakfast, snack or side!

First up is the One-Bowl Carrot Cake Muffins by Real Food Whole Life. These “treats” are a favorite around here.  Nutrient dense, they only require ONE bowl!!!, and perfect for a speedy bus stop breakfast! Carrots are an easy sell, the flavor is subtle, and when combined with sweet flavors like honey, coconut sugar or maple syrup, you can barely taste them. I plan on making a big batch to have for Thanksgiving travel! When I’m baking in the kitchen, I usually ask my daughter to help. She thinks it’s so fun to use the mixer, and I find that when I give her a chance to be creative in the kitchen, she tends to be more excited to eat her “art”. Win-Win!

Looking for something with a chocolate flavor? Try Against All Grains’, Nut-Free Chocolate Zucchini Muffins. First, these muffins have chocolate chips so they are already winning in the eyes of my kids! Second, the rich, fudge-like, cacao powder naturally masks the zucchini flavor!  Serve these fluffy, delicious treats warm with melted butter and a glass of milk for an after school snack you can feel good about!

*Note-I add collagen peptides to this recipe as Danielle recommends in her cookbook, Eat What You Love. Collagen Peptides are a sneaky, unflavored, undetected protein powder beneficial for digestion and healthy hair and skin! I actually add Collagen Peptides to almost every item I bake!! You can read more about the benefits of Collagen here

Are eggs a winner in your home?? I think there is something so energizing about starting the day with eggs and veggies. I wind up feeling nourished and satiated without feeling too full or lethargic. And I can tell our kids feel the same way! Egg & Veggie Muffins are a simple, bite sized meal that will quickly fuel your family before everyone heads out the door. 

Lately we’ve been loving this Healthy Egg & Veggie Breakfast Muffin recipe by Vital Farms.  Red bell peppers are a favorite veggie among the kids so that’s always an easy sell, and spinach has such a subtle flavor. {I usually skip the mushrooms!} This recipe by Vital Farms is so versatile, so swap out veggies as you see fit! ***Cauliflower is a great, nutritious, anti green veggie option your kids are sure to miss!!! 

I also love this 5 ingredient Sweet Potato Porridge by Real Simple Good. I always make it the night before and then simply reheat in the AM. The batch usually lasts a couple days and it’s so warm and comforting to enjoy on a chilly, fall morning!! This recipe also has collagen, and when combined with sweet potatoes it’s a triple whammy of protein, fiber and gut healing properties! We love ours with blueberries, vanilla bean, cashew butter, a tiny bit of maple syrup and unsweetened vanilla almond milk!

This Paleo and Whole30 Simple Sweet Potato Porridge is a great egg-free, make-ahead breakfast option! It's made with only five ingredients, too! Paleo + Whole30 |
Photo by Real Simple Good

Last but not least is a new addition to our breakfast rotation! Cauliflower Hot Cereal!!! Purely Elizabeth recently launched Cauli Hot Cereal, and it’s divine!! We are big fans of the Purely Elizabeth brand in the mornings at our home! There are so many delicious, grain free options that can be ready in minutes! I also love the portability for travel or grab and go!
As for toppings here, go with your family favorites. Our kids love bananas, blueberries and cashew butter in their “oatmeal” so that’s the route I take! I also love the idea of using raspberries, peaches and cacao nibs as shown below! Get wild and have fun with it!

I hope you are able to add in a couple veggie fueled mornings this week! What are your favorite ways to fuel your family for breakfast? I’d love to know what is working for you!

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