Healthy Habits For Your Holiday Season

We are entering the season of yummy food, treats and cocktails. I have a few easy hacks to allow enjoyment of alllll the holiday festivities without derailing your wellness progress + goals come January.

1. Drink water as soon as you wake up and carry on throughout the day!

Water is energizing, alkalizing and cleansing. When you wake, you are already a bit dehydrated–especially after a night of celebrating. Add lemon, add mint, add cucumber, drink it warm, drink it cold. Just aim to drink around half your weight in ounces every day. I love to add a pinch of pink salt for some natural electrolytes and mineralities.

PRO TIP: If you are enjoying a couple of cocktails at a holiday party…Aim to chug a glass of water for every cocktail. It’s also a good idea to alternate a sparkling water with lime between your cocktails to limit your toxic load.

2. Master Your Morning

Maintain your morning routine, even during holiday season. Keep it simple and automatic so your mental load stays low. If you need some inspiration, my morning routine generally includes the following
Workout or basic daily movement
Green Smoothie or a protein/veggie breakfast like eggs and arugula.

Find a routine that works for you, that makes you feel amazing and just stick with it.

3. Automate Your Lunch and Dinner

This is typically not the time of year I’m trying new recipes. During the holidays I tend to rotate a few nourishing meals that I know we all love and that I can basically make with my eyes closed. Like this cast iron salmon.

Lunch is usually left overs, a batch cooked soup or a crunchy salad.

Dinner is usually just protein and veggies–think salmon + broccoli and cauli rice. There will be plenty of exciting cuisine to enjoy at parties and social gatherings. 

4. Focus on Fermented Foods and Greens

Give your microbiome extra support this season. Live cultures, probiotics + fiber will keep your gut and your mind happy this season. Plus by supporting your gut health, you will naturally elevate your energy level and immune function.

5. Honor Your Sleep Routine

It’s much harder to be intentional about how you eat, how you care for yourself and fitting in your workout when you are tired. Be choosy with your schedule, and try not to commit to too many events in one week. I try to stick to one, maybe two maximum.

6. ENJOY Your Favorite, Seasonal Treats

There are several treats I look forward to during the holiday season. My Hello Dollies, Holiday Fudge, Cinnamon Rolls and Christmas cookies to name a few. It’s simply a delightful part of the season.

In an effort to maximize my enjoyment I aim to sit down, be present and fully experience the JOY of my favorite indulgences. Be choosy, and take the time to savor your favorite treats. When you do, you are more likely to feel satisfied and less likely to eat the entire batch as you stand over the kitchen counter. #beenthere HA!

Hope you found this list of wellness tips helpful. If it seems overwhelming, try to focus on the one you most identify with and build from there!! Let me know if I can help you on your wellness journey.

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