Happy Birthday Happy Dinner ATX!

Nourish * Breath * Move More * Love More

Happy Dinner ATX is TWO today! I’m so grateful for this journey y’all. I’m equally appreciative of your support and participation. Although the year 2020 has brought along a fair share of challenges, I’m choosing to reflect on the many ways I’ve experienced JOY, growth, love, wisdom and perseverance over this time period.

I’m also giving immense gratitude for my teachers, industry leaders and especially the clients who have trusted me to guide them towards their version of The Good Life. A life rooted in holistic health, finding the joy in movement, nourishing with real food and most importantly creating a life you love!

Find what makes you feel good, and do more of that. Every day if you can. You’ll be amazed at how much more balanced you feel!

Happy Dinner Highlights!

  • Created My Website & Blog!! I can’t believe this platform didn’t exist a year ago today.
  • Completed my Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Certification! After 18 exciting months of daily learning modules and lectures + practice health histories & group coaching, I became a certified coach in a field I LOVE! My work to help others find their own version of happy & healthy fills my heart with so much joy, and I’m just getting started!
  • I Began to live with Curiosity! Curiosity is what lead me to become a #healthcoach. I’ve always been deeply passionate about health, food & fitness, and so I got curious about becoming certified and creating a career out of it. I looked into coaching programs, read a ton of content, chatted with professionals working in the field, and dove a little deeper every day. Scary? Of course! Trying something new is always a bit awkward, but satisfying your curiosity is so rewarding!!
  • Created time and space for regular gratitude & dreaming sessions with my journal. It’s life changing y’all. Make time and space for setting your intention and watch it slowly come alive!
  • Completed 500 Barre 3 Classes & 100 Peloton Classes. Even during quarantine!!!!! As I tell my clients, find a form of movement you love and sprinkle it into your daily routine! When you dedicate the time and space for yourself, magic happens to your body and mind.
  • Created a Newsletter! It’s very much a work in progress, but it’s a start!
  • Perfected our Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies! You better believe we are enjoying some fresh cookies straight out of the oven today to celebrate!
  • Defined MY WHY and helped my clients do the same!
    YOUR WHY is the real reason driving you towards change. When you shift your mindset & identify your WHY you can align it with your daily, weekly & monthly intentions. Maybe you’ve decided to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself so you can model better wellness behaviors for your kids. Maybe you want to prove to yourself you can run a marathon, Maybe you’ve decided to take a cooking class so you can master family dinner?! What ever it is, define it, visualize it, and when you are making daily decisions, ask yourself…”Does this align with my WHY? When you fall off track, (bc it happens!) you can easily get back in the game because you’ve identified your intention! There is no final destination on a wellness journey! Enjoy the experience! 

A trip down memory lane to Happy Dinner’s FIRST Birthday!

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