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Love and Lemons

Happy Fall Friday Y’ALL!

In case you have extra time to spend in the kitchen this weekend I’m sharing a few seasonal recipes our family has been enjoying over family dinner!

With Zander & Zia’s busy sports + dance schedules we no longer get to eat as a family every single night. It’s all about putting my Dutch oven and crock pot to work, to make things like this delish Butternut Squash Soup {above} so dinner stays heated for our expansive dinner service.

Luckily on the three or four nights we DO get to gather for dinner at the same time, I try to make it count.
Here’s what’s been on our dinner menu rotation


Miso-Harissa Roasted Squash Salad

This salad is an amazing side to soup and stores well for leftover lunch. I LOVE this crunchy, textural, flavorful, fall salad. The carmelization of the squash and chickpeas are perfection. We were literally gobbling them straight off the baking sheet. I had to quickly assemble the salad before everything was gone!

Dishing Up Dirt

Sweet Kale Salad by Eating Bird Food

If you are trying to convince your kids to try a salad, start with this one!! It has a sweet flavor that will win them over, and it’s filled with fiber rich, phytonutrient veggies! I like to leave the dressing on the side so the kids can dip each bite :).

Plates of sweet kale salad with bowls of pepitas and cranberries on the side.
Eating Bird Food

We also have REALLY enjoyed this gorgeous Roasted Veggie Salad. I served it warm, and there were smiles all around. It’s also great practice for Thanksgiving. I’m pretty sure this salad will have a place on our Turkey Day table 🙂

Bowl and fork with a roasted vegetable kale salad.
Eating Bird Food

Turmeric Chicken Soup by Real Food Whole Life

This is another dinner that keeps our family happily fed at different times. This nourishing recipe can be made ahead of time, and will leave your kitchen smelling amazing as it waits for you {warm} in a crock pot or Instant Pot. *I use a crock pot–I’m old school :).

two white bowls of instant pot turmeric chicken soup with herbs and striped napkin
Real Food Whole Life

If you need something hearty, vegetarian, fiber rich and flavor full you have to try Robyn’s Crockpot Lentil Soup!
So easy!!! Especially since you don’t need to cook or soak the lentils ahead of time OR saute’ the veggies. Simply Let the crockpot do all the work and take all the credit!

white bowl of crockpot lentil soup with fresh herbs and crusty bread on the side
Real Food Whole Life


Duck Leg Confit

We’ve been having a moment with Duck Confit over here. I’m made them for two family dinners in the past month and everyone was soooooo happy! The best part? No recipe required. Simply buy your ready to go Duck, Leg Confit from Belle Vie Farm and simply heat for about 5 minutes per side on your cast iron skillet. You don’t even need oil! I often serve it with the roasted veggie salad shown above.

**The only ingredients are duck, salt and calvados. Even better, their free range and pasture raised ducks are fed locally-sourced, organic grains and are entirely GMO free. Support our local farmers!! You won’t regret it.

Traditional Duck Confit Recipe

Dry Rubbed Curry Wings by Defined Dish

Chicken Wings are another winning dinner around here! I often use THIS lemon pepper, turmeric rub for our baked wings, but I was eager to spice things up (literally!) and try this flavorful recipe.

Serve your wings with a simple salad and THIS sweet potato soup recipe to add a little fall sweetness to your meal.

Dry Rubbed Curry Wings
Defined Dish

Classic Beef Pot Roast By Defined Dish

What can be more heartily fall than a POT ROAST!

Like a classic LBD {little black dinner–I think I just coined that phrase! ha} but with an updated flavor profile! It’s even better reheated on day 2.

I made this in my Dutch Oven, but there is also a time saving Crock Pot Method for busy weeknight life!
Crockpot Method: After browning your meat, place all ingredients in a crockpot and cook on low for 8 hours

Whole30 Pot Roast


When you need a little treat! These fall delights will not disappoint.

Baked Apples by Love and Lemons

Pumpkin Tarts by Detoxinista

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies by Love and Lemons

Pumpkin Squares

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl

Baked apples recipe
Love and Lemons

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