Finding Enjoyment in Honoring Your Health

Happy Friday!! It’s been a busy week over here coaching clients, and I’m so grateful for the chance to effect positive change in the lives of so many.

In my 1×1 coaching sessions we work really hard to create sustainable daily practices that are enjoyable, results driven and most importantly focused on “winning” the long game. Maximizing the quality of your life is one of the very best gifts you can give yourself! And if you can find joy in the journey, that’s icing on the cake!

Finding enjoyment in anything, really comes through meaning. Everyone has their own reason why movement, or running, or drinking a green smoothie, or breathwork, or daily walks is important to them. To stay motivated, you simply need to keep “your why” top of mind.

Maybe you run everyday in hopes that one day you qualify for the Boston marathon. Maybe you are diligent with your yoga practice to increase flexibility and mobility so you can play with your kids with more agility. Maybe breathwork is important, because you have a really stressful job and it’s the best way you can process a hard day at the “office”. Maybe you consistently drink your smoothie because it’s an easy routine that simply makes you feel good!

Define the reason why it’s important to honor your health, and use it as a daily motivator!

The key to any transformation is awareness!! You are capable of amazing things. Itโ€™s starts with awareness, inspiration and consistent, deliberate actions!

Instead of thinking about how many calories or carbs or fat grams are in your meal, or how many calories you burn, ask yourself these thought provoking questions…
  • What do I need today to nourish my body? How can I make time to consistently nourish myself and my family?
  • Am I treating myself and speaking to myself positively?
  • What brings the most joy to my life? To my soul?
  • Who is someone you know that is living a truth that you admire? See if you can schedule a 1×1?
  • How can I maximize the quality of my life? How do I want to feel?
  • Do I have the energy and space to show up as the best version of myself?
  • Am I drained? Why?
  • What can I remove off my “plate” figuratively and literally?
  • Can I fulfill the goals that I want to achieve for myself?
  • Do I need support?
  • Am I on the right path to create the life I want for myself? What might need to pivot or shift?
  • What progress did I make towards my health this week?
  • How can I honor and celebrate my “small, sustainable” wins. They deserve BIG recognition Y’All!!!

After you’ve worked through these questions in your journal, or with a coach, or maybe with me :)…you might have a better idea about how you currently feel, how you want to feel + how to bridge the gap or the space between.

You will also understand what you value, what is working, and what is no longer serving you. Use this information to your advantage. As your guide to change, as your daily power source!!

If you value more connection?

Find a fitness community (online or in person) that feels like home!! I have this connected feeling in a couple fitness communities, and it’s so much fun, bonding and very rewarding. When you work out collectively {virtually or physically} you blend social connection with fun and strength! You are part of a tribe!! Talk about a win–win.

If you live in Austin, I love the online and IRL communities at Barre3 Austin Four Points, LOVE Cycle , and Wanderlust. I’ve also enjoyed classes I’ve taken online at Peloton, Alo Moves and Melissa Wood Health! All of which have free trials.

Is fitness not your favorite form of “health”? Not to worry, you could also plan a weekly smoothie date with a friend or your child to create connection. A quick, 20 minute “date” where you feed your soul WHILE nourishing your body with veggies, protein and health fat! {YES}

When I plan connection provoking moments like this, it fuels my soul in a way that sometimes I didn’t even know I needed… I notice I’m lighter, and my outlook is more positive. My cup is full! When my cup is full I’m ready to serve, I’m more joyful, and I feel like I’m living in alignment with my souls’ purpose.

We all need connection, we all need love, and for many of us it’s really lacking in this COVID-19 world.

If you value competition?

Try signing up for a virtual race, or an adult soccer league, or create an online burpee challenge with your tribe. You could also create a fun cooking challenge to see which family can make the most home cooked dinners this month??

Create the “game” that will motivate you, grab friends or family for accountability and competition and have fun!!!

If you value a calm state of mind

Calm starts in the morning! See if you can create a sustainable morning routine that brings you to balance. The kind of routine that easily improves your state of mind, your day and your week. A ritual you look forward to so much that you just keep doing it! And when you skip it—you totally miss it and the positive impact on your mindset!!!

Need help creating a morning routine, here’s a peak at some hacks that help me! Hopefully they inspire you to create a routine that works for you!

  • Enjoy a morning tonic on an empty stomach: My Tonic includes, warm water, 2 TB lemon juice, ACV and pink salt. It’s hydrating, energizing, detoxifying and balancing. I just love it!!
  • Coffee & Collagen: Delicious, brings me so much joy and I get a quick dose of protein to fuel my morning
  • A quick dose of gratitude! I simply write down 3 things I’m grateful for, large and small. It could be as simply as giving thanks for THREE silent minutes to enjoy my warm, creamy cup of coffee. Ahhhhh~
  • Supplement Regimen: These are tools that maximize the quality of my life and prohibit ailments and illness.
  • Daily Movement: I switch it up between cardio and strength training. I also rotate outdoor workouts with indoor workouts. Outdoor physical exercise is grounding, it’s good for your microbiome, it’s good for your mindset and it’s a great screen break. Getting in nature consistently and frequently is good for your health and your soul!!!!!
  • Green Smoothie Seriously one of my most favorite ways to nourish my body in the AM. The best part?!–By drinking a smoothie, I get in more veggies before noon, than many will eat all day!!!! Here’s an extra, green, veggie loaded smoothie I’m loving!!

Let me know if I can help you find joy & sustainability in honoring your health! I’m rooting for you! XO

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