Easter Brunch:: Quarantine Style

Can y’all believe Easter is one week away? The weeks just roll on by.. so it’s hard to know what day it is!! But don’t forget…Easter is on the horizon! We are pretty pumped for Easter over here! Finally something to plan for and anticipate. 🙂

Yes, going out for Easter Brunch is sadly out of the question, BUT we can delight in an enthusiastic hunt for eggs in our own backyard, and enjoy a tasty, sunshine filled homemade brunch in our most comfortable clothes!! Sounds pretty perfect to me!

Zander is thrilled about the casual Easter attire this year! I usually get a BIG eye roll about slacks and a button down from my athleisure loving kid! On the contrary, I’m sure Zia will still choose a frilly, pastel colored dress, heels and a necklace!

Moving on to the important stuff–The Food! I’ve come up with a few Easter Brunch ideas you can create & serve at home! Simple, easy, healthy-ish and fun! Just how I like our holiday celebrations to feel.

Wishing y’all a JOYful Easter celebration!!

1. Start with a Fruit & Veggie Platter

This easy DIY Charcuterie Board for Easter is perfect to serve for a crowd of your friends, family, or kids! This cheese platter is made with fresh fruit, chocolate covered strawberries, bunny candies, crackers and of course our Bee Seasonal Honey! #easterboard #charcuterieboard #beeseasonal #beeseasonalhoney

When making your appetizer platter, think seasonal! Then decide on three fresh fruit selections your family loves. Berries and grapes are a favorite here. Then add in 2 raw veggie options. I’m going for snap peas and carrots this year. Next up is dried fruit, raw nuts, olives, aged meat and classic deviled eggs if you fancy! Make an artful display and enjoy it ALL day! Cook once, eat three meals y’all!

I stumbled across this Green Pea Hummus recipe in Oprah Magazine this month, and it’s def getting paired with our raw veggies. I’m using mint instead of parsley. We have a new potted mint plant that is growing like a weed!!

PressReader - O, The Oprah Magazine (USA): 2020-04-01 - Chef ...
Source: Oprah Magazine

2. Select an Egg Dish!

Get your cast iron pans or baking dishes ready, it’s egg & veggie frittata time! Yes, we need to get our greens in, even on a holiday! Lord knows we will be indulging in dye free jelly beans and chocolate bunny’s all week long so get in the GOOD STUFF at least once per day!!
A veggie filled Frittata is one of my favorite ways to get in a bunch of greens and fiber wrapped up in a heap of eggs! I’m making this Farmer’s Market Frittata by Kelly Leveque. Planning to enjoy it with a side of avocado + fresh slice of sourdough bread!

If you are looking for something classic, my kids really love this simple frittata with ham and asparagus! I love the seasonal spring flavors, and it’s easy to whip up! **When using Parmesan cheese buy the big aged block and grate it yourself. It really tastes so much better and lasts forever!! We don’t eat a whole lot of dairy, but parm cheese is actually lactose free, it’s aged–so there are good microbes, and it’s rich in vitamin and minerals!! **Those Italians always know what’s best!!

I also REALLY love this herby, Asparagus Crustless Quiche!

Farmers’ Market Frittata—Domestic Goddess.jpg
Farmers Market Frittata: Source

3. The Mains!

The mains for Easter Brunch in my world are either Fish or Baked Ham. I’m planning to make salmon {recipe below!}, but growing up we always had ham! If you go with the ham, try to buy a smaller one OR prepare your family to get ready for ham sandwiches ALLLL week!
This ready made ham looks delish!

This "Everything" Crusted Salmon coats salmon filets in a seasoning combined of all the ingredients you would find on an "everything" bagel. The salmon filets are quick seared and then finished off in the oven for a delicious dinner that's ready in 20 minutes.

If you are craving an Everything Bagel, give this hearty salmon dish a try! I cheat and use the EVBB seasoning from Trader Joe’s, but if you want to make your own seasoning, more power to ya! {Also–May I put in my order?}

I like to serve this salmon with a fennel salad. Simply toss fennel + lemon juice, salt and pepper and add in scallions, parsley and cilantro! YUMMY & easy!
Don’t feel like cooking? Simply serve a smoked salmon and apply the same seasoning! Enjoy on top of a perfectly toasted bagel & smear. For bagels in ATX, we love Biederman’s Deli, + they are taking online orders!

Smoked Salmon

Also making THIS potato salad and THIS seasonal, simple Shaved Carrot + Radish Salad. Both will serve as prepped lunches post holiday!! HOORAY!

spring carrot salad recipe

The Sweet Stuff

You can’t have Easter without carrot cake. Who is with me?! I love this healthy recipe by Rachel Mansfield! It’s GF, DF, naturally sweetened and hits the spot! I also love the smaller portion via a bar! Freezes well too!!

The Best Vegan Gluten-free Carrot Cake made with simple ingredients like almond flour, gluten-free oat flour and sweetened with coconut sugar! A healthy and easy recipe when the carrot cake craving hits.

I haven’t seen fresh peaches anywhere yet, but I’m hoping they make an appearance soon. This cinnamon roll recipe is sooo YUM, and even better w/ fresh peaches! No yeast required + quick & easy! Just what I need in my life!
{*I sub all purpose flour for GF flour}.

If carrot cake isn’t your thing, but you still want a springy dessert, give this Cardamon Grapefruit Greek Yogurt Cake a whirl! It’s gorgeous, and the flavor profile is so refreshing. *Can easily be made DF & GF.

I’m also surprising my kids with these adorable Easter Cookies from my talented friend Ashley at Everything Sweet!! Check her out and place your order!!!

cardamom grapefruit greek yogurt bundt cake on drying rack with grapefuit pieces

Springy Cocktails!

I know Mimosa’s and Bloody’s are the standard for Easter brunch, but if you are in the mood for something with a fun spring, herby vibe give this Lavender French 75 by Love & Lemons a try! Pair it with this Austin based Austin Reserve Gin and thank me later! I discovered this local gem of a gin while dining at APIS and haven’t looked back!

Lavender French 75

Anyone who knows me well, knows my love for fresh Palomas on a sunny day! I can’t believe it gets better than that, but it does!! Enter THE CHAMPAGNE PALOMA! It marries a Paloma + Champagne for a tart, bubbly taste! My fav! CHEERS!!!

A champagne paloma is a tequila-based cocktail with fresh grapefruit and lime juices, as well as a glug-glug of champagne. This cocktail is on the tart side with a slight fizziness from the champagne.

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