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Yes, the 2020 holiday season is a little different this year, but we can still take the time to spread joy and holiday cheer through gift giving! Really good holiday gift giving!

I’ve been a lover of health, fitness, cooking & eating for all of my adult life. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed that I share my favorite food, and products all the time. Now I’ve fine tuned my list and created an amazing health inspired gift guide.

Over the course of a few holidays I’ve had the opportunity to give and receive some of the BEST “wellness” based gifts. Gifts that have improved my health, my life and my joy. I’m hoping you love them too!

Let’s go shopping Y’All.

Gifts To Enjoy in The Kitchen

Modern Comfort Food: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

Ina is the OG when it comes to amazing cookbooks. Soothe your soul and warm your kitchen with her delicious, family friendly recipes. She created a comfort food cookbook during they year we all needed it most!

Yedi Total Package Air Fryer

If Oprah recommends a product, it must be good!! The perfect gift for your “foodie”, health conscious family members who enjoy that perfectly crispy cauliflower steak or mouth watering roast chicken!

Texas Hill Country Olive Oil

Y’all I love this local olive oil and gourmet food shop. I’ve been shopping their products at the Lakeline Mall Farmer’s Market for years and they really elevate the recipes that come out of our home kitchen.

Recently I’ve been ordering their gift sets online. Highly recommend! The white lemon balsamic is a dressing I simply cannot live without AND it’s included in their Balsamic Favorites mini set (currently on sale!!) .

Speaking of shopping at the Farmer’s Market, I really LOVE this boho style, crochet Farmhouse tote. Super stylish and practical for your farmer’s market loving friend.

Avaline Rose Wine by Cameron Diaz

Avaline Ros Wine - 750ml Bottle - image 1 of 5

Y’all this wine is organic, clean, delicious and it’s now available at Target!!! WHAT?! I had to scour the internet over the summer to get my hands on a couple bottles. Now it’s super accessible. Grab a bottle during your next Target run to accompany Ina’s cookbook! BEST GIFT EVER for your girlfriends!

I’m also really excited about this trio of clean, biodymanic wines from New Zealand.

Looking for something alcohol free? The ZERO proof spirits market is growing by the day. Take a peek at these options for your “dry” friends and family members. Maybe even stock up for yourself for the New Year!

Green Pan Fry Pan Set

I received this fry pan set for my birthday a couple years ago and they have been my most favorite fry pans EVER. They have a lifetime warranty, are non-stick, easy to clean and easy on the eyes. I have this light blue color and I love the femininity it brings to my mix of All-clad! Currently 40% off with Code FRY40!!! I’ve also had my eye on THIS Always Pan by Our Place. (hint hint Max!)

Food Processor Attachment by Vitamix

So this is a product I don’t actually have {yet} but I’ve heard amazing things!

I didn’t even know this time saving tool was on the market!! I use my Vitamix Blender daily, and it lives on my counter. The fact that I can simply use a food processor attachment for my Vitamix blender motor is pure genius!!! I’m not sure this will make it under the tree this year, but it’s on my wish list!!

Ultimate Vegan Hot Chocolate Kit by Elmhurst

Y’all I’m so excited about this cozy hot chocolate kit! I first spotted it on the GOOP gift guide and it seemed like a perfect surprise {from our elf on the shelf} for the kids! It is a bit spendy, but the quality ingredients and the fact that it’s dairy free, vegan and Non-GMO make up for it!

Ultimate Gift Kit Image

Gifts to Enhance A Bedtime Routine

Cotton Napper 15 lb. Weighted Blanket

Looking for a weighted blanket that looks amazing folded on the end of your bed + puts your body into instant relaxation? Nab this cotton napper by Bearaby. It’s an indulgence your sleep cycle will thank you for!

Aspen Slippers by DYI

DYI makes the very best athleisure wear in my opinion. Most of my workout wardrobe is comprised of this brand. Lately they’ve been adding so many cozy offerings. I’m loving these cute and comfy slippers! Perfect for lounging this holiday season.

Slip Silk King Pillowcase

Anti-aging, anti bed head & silky smooth! Need I say more. I was gifted this dreamy pillow case last Christmas from my sweet Mama. It’s been one of my favorite things all year!! My head hits the pillow and I’m out like a light! {YES!}

pillowcase - pink - king - envelope

Molekule Air Purifier

My husband gifted this high quality air purifier to me for our master bedroom years before COVID!! I thought the gift was super random at the time, but now I understand the science & I appreciate it sooo much!! And for good reason!

The Molekule works hard to destroy pollutants at a molecular level, including VOCs, bacteria, mold, viruses, and allergens. Especially important for the air quality circulating while you sleep!
They offer a 30 day trial and free returns if you are on the fence!

Stocking Stuffers

A collection of everyday items I adore!! Perfect for teachers, friends and family stocking fillers!

Felt Stockings

Fitness Favorites

Y’all know that a workout is my happy place. These are the items that enhance my movement AND my recovery!!!

  • Bala Bangles: I received these 1 lb wrist weights a couple Birthdays ago and they are still my go-to for home barre3 and yoga sculpt workouts!! I was so thankful for them during quarantine!
  • SOMA Filtered Pitcher: My favorite post workout, hydration tool! It’s well priced, and you even get 15% off when you sign up on their website.
  • Manduka Home Studio Bundle: Get all the goods for a high quality home yoga practice!
  • Theragun Mini: Work on your fascia release without booking a massage. I got the original Theragun for Max a couple years ago, and its one of our favorite purchases! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!! Now they make a mini version that is a little easier on the wallet!
  • My Favorite Leggings–DYI Signature Tight. They come in sooo many colors and the fit is simply the best!!! Try them and become converted! Currently the entire site is 40% off!!!!!
  • Comfy Thermal Set for the Post Workout Hygge feels. Cute enough for errands and comfy enough for bed!
  • The Larq Water Bottle: The LARQ Bottle is the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle + water purification system. It uses UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from your water and bottle! Max and I gifted these to each other last Valentines Day and they are still our favorite water bottles. AND that’s saying a lot!

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