Books to Inspire Healthy Habits for a Productive School Year

Yummy Yoga

As we settle in to a new school year, I’ve been talking to our kids a lot about the importance of stabilizing blood sugar for a balanced, productive school day.

The easiest way to stabilize blood sugar is by eating a diet rich in protein and veggies. Protein and fiber keep our body and our brain running smooth and steadily. More importantly, our mood and energy levels are consistent. Which is the perfect formula for focused learning with high energy and stamina!

Unstable blood sugar leads to a whole host of issues; including inability to sit still, focus and concentrate, increased anxiety and overwhelm, digestive issues including constipation or diarrhea, lack of energy, a weakened immune system and so much more!

Interested in setting your family up for success this fall?! You can start today by removing excess sugar & restricting refined carbohydrates.

During the week try to take a break from serving + eating candy, cookies, gold fish, sweet rolls, donuts, cake, pie, ice cream, jelly, jam, soda and juice. Replace refined sugar and processed carbs with easy, healthy snacks:

Make it a group effort and work together to find mini meals and snacks you are all happy with. Try creating a weekly meal and snack schedule every Sunday. Get creative and have fun!

Here are a few of my favorite books to help inspire your children toward making healthy decisions for their brain and body!

Yummy Yoga

I got Yummy Yoga for the kids last fall and it’s still one of our favorites. We cooked and “yoga’d” ourselves through the entire book very easily & enthusiastically! All of the recipes are super kid friendly, nutritious and yummy! Zia LOVES re-visiting the yoga poses on a weekly basis!

The Busy Body Book

Inspire a life long habit of physical activity with this super cute, energetic book! With the sedentary schedule of virtual school, physical activity is more important than ever! Make sure your kiddos are inspired to move their body!!!

Good Enough to Eat: A Kid’s Guide to Food and Nutrition

Describes the six categories of nutrients needed for good health how they work in the body and what foods provide each.

Good Enough to Eat is uniquely designed to satisfy kids’ love of food, and their curiosity about how their bodies work. This book offers all of the basics found in an adult nutrition guide in a format designed specifically for kids! YES!!

I Will Never Not Ever Eat A Tomato

Our picky Zia loves this book! Charlie & Lola are super fun and the story is really cute. I was shocked that the story line actually convinced Zia to try some foods that she otherwise wouldn’t have touched. Hopefully it enchants your picky eater too!

Are You What You Eat?

Help your child better understand how food fuels and effects our bodies in Are You What You Eat? a book that uses color and fun presentation to communicate nutritional information in a fun and eye-catching way!

This one is new to me! I just ordered it, and cannot wait to dive in with the kids!

This is Your Brain On Food

This is the book currently on MY nightstand!! I’m loving it so far! It’s a must read if you subscribe to the notion that food is medicine and are interested in improving your brain function, mood and mental health!

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