Balance Your Plate & Your Meal

Today I’m sharing a super simple, sustainable approach to balancing every single meal. For the rest of your life!! It’s a formula I’ve been using every day for years, and it’s a guideline I use with my clients in creating their weekly meal plans.

You can let go of counting calories, or macros or weighing your food. This bare bones formula works. AND you can take the “Balanced Plate” formula with you anywhere!! On vacation, to a restaurant, to a pot luck. Its applicable in every day life and it’s applicable to every body! I use the formula for plating our kids’ meals as well!

It’s so simple it almost seems too easy!! Just how I like it!! So let’s talk about the NEW way you are going to create EVERY meal!

1. Half of Your Plate is (non starchy) Veggies

Think fresh spinach, spicy arugula, roasted broccoli or cauliflower or diced peppers. You have a rainbow of options listed below. Make a big batch of kale salad at the beginning of the week and aim to include four to five of the “green veggies” listed below!!

2. One Fourth of Your Plate is Quality Protein

Your serving size is generally the palm of your hand. For me that’s about two eggs or a 4 oz. serving of grass fed beef or wild caught salmon! Yummy!

3. One Fourth of Your Plate is Complex Carbohydrate

Don’t skip quality carbs!! They are an amazing source of fiber and an unbelievable energy source. Especially when eaten for breakfast or lunch. Our favorites are sweet potatoes, apples and lentils!

4. Don’t Skip The Fat!

Yep–Add 2 Tablespoons of quality fat to your meal to satiate you between meals. Fat keeps you full and keeps you focused!

Use these graphics as daily visual reminders to keep you on track as you plate your meals!

What do you think? Does this seem like something you could incorporate into your daily life? Let me know if I can help!

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