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Welcome to Happy Dinner! I’m Cortney, a Holistic Health Coach, wellness entrepreneur, wife and Mama of two, here to make holistic health simple and engaging!

I use a customized approach to guide you towards integrating healthy habits and self care into your life while keeping it fun, do-able and authentic to your personal needs.
I’m on a mission to educate, teach and inspire you and your tribe to live your happiest and healthiest lives!

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What Inspired Happy Dinner?

I’ve been a health and fitness enthusiast my entire life. Exploring health trends, wellness and diet research has always been fascinating to me.  After motherhood, I kicked it up a notch and wanted to expand! I had an internal quest to nourish my children in the best way I could. I devoured health blogs, Pinterest boards, magazines, all of Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbooks; and began to prepare most of our meals at home.  I simply fell in love with being in our kitchen!


to make health a family affair"

As babies, our children loved protein, fruits and veggies and were generally pretty excited about trying new textures and flavors. Family meal time seemed so fun & easy. Until it wasn’t!…Fast forward to the preschool years, full of weekly birthday parties and play-dates and suddenly Zander and Zia craved only processed foods with little nutritional value. I gave into the cheddar bunnies, gummies, pizza and chicken nuggets to keep the peace and keep up with the fast pace of our lives at first…
But then I had a realization.  I would never eat these foods on a daily basis, so why am I buying them and serving them {on the go!} so regularly to my children?!

I had a LIGHTBULB MOMENT–I am the parent here. It is my job to teach my children how to nourish and care for their bodies. To show them which foods will build muscles, repair tissues and protect them from chronic illness.

It is my job to demonstrate how to pause, be mindful and give thanks for a nourishing meal at the table, over real life {screen-free!} conversation! 

With this realization Happy Dinner ATX was born and my mission to do better {80% of the time!Because moderation and celebration are my jams!} began!

Whether you are seeking to nourish a family of five or you’ve decided to take better care of YOURSELF, I’m here to be your guide! I believe with the right support, the will and discipline, no matter how busy our lives become, we can all achieve a Happy Dinner.

Let’s get your green party started!

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Let’s get your green party started!