5 Simple Ways to Increase Happiness

Happiness. “I just want to feel energized & happy”. That’s the first sentence I usually hear from my clients, and I can totally relate. I think feeling happy is something we all want out of life.

So….What is happiness?

Happiness is the simple ability to find gratitude and satisfaction in the moment you have right now. Not when you are a size 4, not when you have the bigger kitchen, not when your kids are finally back in school (ha!).

Your happiness hinges on living in the moment. Savoring the here and now in YOUR OWN LIFE… instead of yearning for a future indicator of success. One you’ve conjured up in your mind based on story book images seen on Instagram or Pinterest.

Here are a few simple ways I’ve been able to increase happiness in my own life. I admit, some days it comes more naturally than others (that’s real life!) BUT when you do the work and put these simple steps into practice, the impact is huge!

  1. Gratitude
    Appreciating what you have right now automatically brings you into the present moment. I’ve shared before how I keep a daily gratitude journal. I simply write down three little things I’m grateful for. It’s such a positive start to my day!! So much so, that I ask all my clients to keep a daily gratitude journal. (BTW-I really love the Rasa Journal)

    Expressing gratitude to people in your life is another great daily practice. It could be a simple, enthusiastic “thank you” to the amazing barista who makes the perfect Americano. Or a note of thanks to your favorite fitness instructor who brings you to an endorphin high on the regular. Or your spouse for simply supporting you through quarantine! Let these people know how much you appreciate them!

  2. Curiosity:
    Curiosity is so cool y’all! In my opinion, curiosity is the secret to a youthful, vibrant life. Curiosity is what lead me to become a Health Coach. I’ve always been deeply passionate about health, food & fitness, and so I got curious about becoming certified and having my own programs & clients. I looked into coaching programs, read a ton of content, chatted with professionals working in the field, and dove a little deeper every day. Scary? Of course! Trying something new is always a bit awkward, but satisfying your curiosity is so rewarding!!
    Even when it doesn’t turn out, as planned. The journey always leads you somewhere new!! Isn’t that what life is all about?

    What’s something you are curious about trying? How can you dip your toe into it?!

  3. Movement:
    Find a movement style you love and look forward to and it’s never a chore!! I work on finding this for all of my clients. Finding a “smile worthy” form of Movement is not one size fits all, and it takes some experimenting! I rotate spinbarre3 and an occasional run (when it’s not too hot!!!) and that’s what keeps my body and my mind happy! Gift yourself with the time and space to move your body and notice how it effects your overall mood and level of happiness!

    Find a movement style that makes you feel good, and do more of that y’all! You’ll be amazed at how much more balanced, at ease and happy you feel.

  4. JOY:
    Don’t save your joy for birthdays & special occasions. Activate your joy every single day! How? Simply make a short list of what brings you joy. See how you can incorporate those things, delicious meals or experiences into your daily life. When we focus on the things that light us up and fill our cup the mundane becomes so much more joyful!

  5. Take Action:
    Show up for yourself and do the work! It’s as simple as that y’all! What’s one tiny thing you can commit to for yourself this week? Write it down in your calendar, get rid of the inner dialogue or negative self talk and JUST DO IT!

I wish happiness and peace for you dear reader, for myself, my friends, my family, our kids and everyone I encounter! Sending love and light your way!

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  1. Misty Krant

    You are pretty Amazing & I absolutely Love reading the things you write about. Thank you for taking your time to bring Joy to others!

    1. Cortney Zieky

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I truly appreciate your kind words and I’m so glad my article resonated with you!

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